Computed tomography for comparing the lean meat content of different genotypes of entire male pigs

Gérard Dumas et al., 64rd International Congress of Meat Science and Technology (ICOMST), 12–17 août 2018, Melbourne, Australie, poster

From July 2018 the EU reference for pig grading is the lean meat percentage (LMP) based on total dissection of a half-carcass. Dissection can be replaced by an unbiased computed tomography (CT) procedure. Daumas et Monziols (2018) developed a pan-European CT procedure for determining this LMP. The hypothesis is such a procedure could be applied on very lean carcasses, issued from entire males of purebred used as terminal sires in production. The aim of this paper is to test this CT procedure to assess the LMP differences between several lean genetic groups and the three halothane genotypes.