Drivers of (dis)liking: Systematic pairwise preference tests to reveal the relationship between boar taint and consumer acceptance

Daniel Mörlain (University of Göttingen, Department of Animal Science) et al., 65th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology (ICOMST), 4-9 août 2019, Potsdam/Berlin, Allemagne, poster, p. 66-68

To improve animal welfare, in 2010 a European Declaration proposed a total ban on castration. Entire male pigs, however, can develop an off-odour, called boar taint. To prevent consumers complaints, a quantitative relationship of boar taint compounds (or intensity) with consumer dissatisfaction needs to be established. Pairwise preference tests (Prescott et al, 2005) were deemed a more straightforward approach than sequential monadic testing to establish rejection thresholds.