Early prediction of Semimembranosus ultimate pH with Raman spectroscopy of pig carcasses

Antoine Vautier et al., 64th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology (ICOMST), 12–17 août 2018, Melbourne, Australie

The ultimate pH (pH24) is a crucial meat quality parameter in the pork meat industry, but its measurement time is still an issue for slaughterhouses due to difficulties to keep up the required 18h post mortem (pm) time minimum. Raman spectroscopy showed the potential to predict pH24 of Semimembranosus when performed during chilling at 60 to 120 minutes pm [1] and on the slaughter line at 30 to 60 minutes pm [2]. The objective of the study is to validate the accuracy of the 671 nm emission Raman device developed by Schmidt et al. [3] to predict pork meat quality on a French pork population at the end of the slaughter line (30 min pm). The ability to predict the “jambon cuit supérieur” cooking yield and slicing defects has also been tested.