NIR and VIS-NIR spectroscopy to predict PSE-LIKE zones of ham

Antoine Vautier et al., 63e International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, Cork, Irlande, 13-18 août 2017

The aim of the study was to evaluate NitFom´s ability to predict PSE-like zones, a muscle structure defect in ham, which at present can only be detected by visual inspection after deboning. NitFom is an on-line fast device based on NIR spectroscopy dedicated to the meat industry. In comparison with the Vis-NIR Labspec4 spectrometer, the overall misclassification level of the NitFom is higher (13.0% vs 26.1%). However, misclassification of deboned ham deeply affected by PSE-like zones is lower for both devices (25% of false positives for NitFom). This level of accuracy could be satisfactory and useful for the meat industry, considering that the use of NitFom allow sorting of bone-in hams. The NitFom accuracy for PSE-like zone classification might be improved by expanding the range of spectrum analyzed by adding the visible wavelengths.