Prediction of drip loss and ultimate pH in pork Semimembranosus by the Nitfom

Antoine Vautier et al., 63e International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, Cork, Irlande, 13-18 août 2017

Most of the NIR spectrometers available are not suited for on line measurements in slaughterhouses. The aim of the study was to test the ability of a device dedicated to industrial measurement (NitFom, Frontmatec) for prediction of drip loss and ultimate pH. A calibration model fitting was satisfactory (drip loss, R²=0.59 and pHu, R²=0.70) and the prediction accuracy levels for drip loss were similar to calibration results found with the Labspec4, a laboratory Vis-NIR spectrometer (NitFom, rmsecv=1.5% and Labspec4, 1.7%). This study revealed that prediction of drip loss by NIRS could be a good alternative to measurement of ultimate pH for drip loss sorting.