Prediction of drip loss and ultimate pH in pork Semimembranosus by the NitFom™

Antoine Vautier et al., 63e International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, Cork, Irlande, 13-18 août 2017, poster

A majority of studies dealing with Near InfraRed Spectroscopy (NIRS) prediction of meat quality are focusing on its chemical composition, but the ability of NIRS to predict technological quality of meat has been the subject of many recent publications. This technology gives a quick access to spectral pattern that can also be linked to the water holding capacity of meat. However, very few NIRS devices are suitable for industrial implementation. In this study, a feasibility test was carried out to evaluate the possibility of predicting drip loss and ultimate pH in pork Semimembranosus using the NitFom™, a NIRS-based handheld invasive probe suitable for rapid on line measurements in pork carcasses immediately after slaughter.