Upgraded EU rapeseed meal improves growth performance and nutrient digestibility in growing pigs

Melo ADB (IRTA, Espagne) et al., 70th Annual meeting of the European Federation of Animal science (EAAP), 26-30 août 2019, Ghent, Belgique, p. 421, poster

Rapeseed meal (RSM), a by-product of oil industry, contains large amounts of protein but also contains a high fibre content that limit its use to non-ruminant animals. Tail-end dehulled RSM presents high protein content and reduced fibre fraction, resulting more attractive for animal feeding. Also, pelletizing process could contribute to improve the nutritive value of dehulled RSM. The aim of the present study is evaluating the growth performance and nutrient digestibility of growing pig´s diet based on dehulled RSM, combined with die size and steam from pelletizing process. A 2×2×2 factorial design was used with conventional (35% CP) or upgraded RSM (40% CP), 4×40 or 4×60 mm of die size, processed with or without steam. Conventional or upgraded RSM were included in similar proportion (22.5%) as the only protein source and no adjustment of synthetic amino acids (AA) was done.

Diets were provided ad libitum overall the trial, which lasts 49 days. One-hundred forty-four pigs weighing 27.55 kg were allocated at 72 pens, 2 pigs for pen (male and female), totalling 9 blocks of live weight per treatment. At the last week of experiment, faecal samples were collected for 3 days and lyophilized before lab analyses. Growth performance and nutrient digestibility were used as responsive criteria. Pig´s weight gain and feed conversion ratio were improved by dehulled RSM. Feed efficiency is improved in pigs fed dehulled RSM, 4×60 mm die size with steam on pelleting process. The digestibility of energy, crude protein, lysine, methionine, threonine and valine is improved in diet based on dehulled RSM and no affected by die size. A greater nutrient content and availability such as found in the diet based on dehulled RSM is crucial to improve animal performance and it was enhanced after pelleting process.