Validation of a pan-European computed tomography procedure for determining the new EU lean meat content of pigs

Gérard Daumas (Ifip), Mathieu Monziols (Ifip) et Daiva Ribikauskiene (University of Applied Sciences of Lithuania), 65th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology (ICOMST), 4-9 août 2019, Potsdam/Berlin, Allemagne, poster

A new EU regulation on carcass classification applies from July 2018. The new reference to calibrate the pig classifi cation methods is a lean meat percentage based on total dissection of a half-carcass (LMPtd). Manual dissection can be replaced by an unbiased computed tomography (CT) procedure. 
Daumas and Monziols (2018) calibrated a simple, accurate and robust CT method in order to make it useful internationally and at least in Europe. A trial for approval of grading methods in Lithuania gave the opportunity to validate this CT procedure