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Sponge vs excision technique for carcass sampling of beef, lamb and pig - Influence on process hygiene criteria and monitoring

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Brice Minvielle et al., 63e International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, Cork, Irlande, 13-18 août 2017, poster

According to EU regulations meat operators must comply with process hygiene criteria, specifi ed for carcasses in terms of daily mean log cfu/cm²
of Aerobic colony count (ACC) and Enterobacteriaceae (ENT). These limits shall apply only to carcass sampled by excision, but other sampling
methods may be used if it can be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the competent authority that it provides at least equivalent guarantees.
The present study was undertaken to evaluate for beef, sheep and pig carcasses (i) the effectiveness of two types of sponge swabbing for the
enumeration of ACC and ENT in comparison to excision sampling, (ii) the consequences on the evaluation of process hygiene counts and the
determination of alternative microbial limits, and (iii) the impact of the change of method on the hygiene monitoring of the slaughtering process.

PDF icon Brice Minvielle, 63e ICOMST, Cork, Irlande, 13-18 août, poster