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MLVA_Normalizer: Workflow for Normalization of MLVA Profiles and Data Exchange between Laboratories

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Paul Bachelerie et al., Journal of proteomics & bioinformatics, 2016, volume 9, n° 2, janvier, p. 025-026

Motivation: MLVA (Multiple Loci VNTR Analysis) is a typing method used today to characterize several major pathogens such as Brucella, Mycobacterium tuberculosis or Salmonella. It takes advantage from the comparison of the size of specific genomic loci constituted by tandem repeat sequences. Unfortunately the raw size estimate is instrument dependent and consequently the results obtained cannot be compared without normalization between laboratories involved in disease monitoring, surveillance and official controls.
Results: To overcome this problem we developed a workflow tool, MLVA_normalizer, conceived to normalize MLVA results. This normalization workflow tool is designed to be applied to any bacterial genera and does not depend on the MLVA protocol used.