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Modelling fattening pig production systems: use of a dynamic, stochastic, mechanistic model

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Visuels de A. Cadéro et al., 67th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP), 29 août-02 septembre 2016, Belfast, Irlande, Royaume-Uni

Pig livestock farming systems face economic and environmental issues. To cope with these issues, models of pig production performance have been developed. However, most of them do not account for the interactions between feeding strategies, management practices and variability of performance and requirements among pigs. Our aim was to develop a model representing the pig fattening unit, taking into account the effects of the interaction between the individual variability of pigs, the farmer’s practices and the infrastructure of the farm on the performance of the unit. The farmer’s practices included in the model have been chosen from a typology developed using a farm survey that focused on penning, batch management, feeding and delivery practices. The pigs are represented using an individual-based model adapted from the InraPorc model. The model abilities have been illustrated on a typical fattening unit batch management. Feed conversion ratio is 2.73 (±0.06) kg/kg, daily feed gain is 0.856 (±0.02) kg/d. The mean slaughter weight is 119.6 (±0.83) kg with a mean slaughter age of 176.0 (±1.89) days. This predicted performance is in accordance with the mean performance in French farms, considering the same batch management. This model will allows to evaluate the technical performance of a large range of fattening units, in terms of farm size, type of infrastructure and of management. In the near future, this model will be completed with calculation of economic results and environmental impacts of the pig fattening unit. 

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