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Typing and persistence of Listeria monocytogenes strains in food processing environments, prophages identified as major persistence markers

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Benjamin Félix (Anses) et al., Isopol, XX : International Symposium on problems of Listeria and Listeriosis, 24-27 septembre 2019, Toronto, Canada

Listeria monocytogenes is an ubiquitous pathogenic bacterium, transmissible to humans through consumption of contaminated food. It can be isolated from a large variety of food types, in particular meat products and dairy products. Repeated studies were conducted to describe the genetic content of persistent strains (Schmitz-Esser et al. 2015; Orsi et al. 2008; Knudsen et al. 2017; Holch et al. 2013). Persistent strains were determined as such using discriminative molecular methods but remained presumed persistent (PP). Indeed, these studies focused on the presence of already known genes or mobile genetic elements thought to be associated to adaptation/persistence. But, none of them included non-persistent strains that should be used theoretically to validate persistent associated markers by comparison with the strains having this phenotype.

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