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Antioxidant supplementation is ineffective to reduce the frequency of PSE-like zones in pork hams

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Antoine Vautier et al., 64th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology (ICOMST), 12-17 août 2018, Melbourne, Australie

The frequency of pork hams with PSE-like zones is a major issue for the processed meat sector in France, despite recent improvements in the slaughter techniques and systematic sorting on the ultimate pH value of hams. Halothane genotype, still widespread in its heterozygous form, may play a significant role in this issue [1]. On the other hand, a recent work described at a molecular level a possible link between oxidative stress and the specific development of PSE-like zone [2]. From this hypothesis, an experimental design was carried out at the IFIP Experimental Station to evaluate the effect of antioxidant supplementation in pig diet on the appearance of PSE-like zone and more generally on the overall ham quality before and after cooking process. 

PDF icon Antoine Vautier et al., 64th ICOMST, 12-17 août 2018, Melbourne, Australie