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Determination of nitroso-compounds in food products

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Aline Bonifacie (Ifip/Inrae) et al., Methods X, 2021, volume 8, mars, 6 pages

Nitrite and nitrate are present in many foods. Nitrate can be converted into nitrite in human body. Nitrite can react with secondary amines to form secondary amines and with thiols to form nitrosothiols. Some nitrosamines are cancers suspect. Because of their importance in terms of human health, research on these compounds is still topical and the use of a rapid and reproducible method for determination and quantification of these compounds is necessary. This article presents a method to study the chemical reactivity of nitrite in meat products through the analysis of non-volatile nitrosamines and nitrosothiols based on: • A specific alkaline and heat extraction of nitro-compounds followed by deprotenization by ultrafiltration • NO detection by the Griess reaction • NO released from S-NO and N-NO bonds by UV light followed by a specific cleavage of S-NO bonds with HgCl2 This method, validated on cured meat products, could be developed in the same way on all products containing nitrite and nitrate and leading to the formation of nitroso-compounds. The limit of detection for these compounds are of the order of the micromole per liter.

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